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Financial Education Tops Northeast EPIC Stakeholders Meeting

EPIC Stakeholders meeting had a heavy dose of financial education last Thursday night.

Gonza Graham

The meeting was moved from Aria Health to the Sankofa Freedom Academy for this meeting which began at 5:30 PM.  Featured speakers were Gonza Graham from the National Motor Club and Erin Montrose of Pathways PA.  Mr. Graham gave a presentation on the National Motor Club and it financial benefits.  Ms. Montrose spoke on the basis of savings and investing.  She got into retirement planning and saving options for education and home ownership.

Erin Montrose

Leon Brantley spoke on the First Annual Frankford Freedom Fighters event being lead by NUAMVAW (Neighbors United American Member Veterans and Warriors) which will be held on May 30th.  There will be more from Leon in a future post here about that event.

The next Northeast EPIC Stakeholders meeting will be held on May 31st at a time and place to be announced.