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Great Day for a Flea Market in Wissinoming Park Last Saturday

Friends of Wissinoming Park got their wish.

Saturday April 28th was a beautiful day to get out into the park and the park was crowded with bargain hunters when I got there about 10AM.  I didn’t have much time to browse but I did get some pictures.



1 thought on “Great Day for a Flea Market in Wissinoming Park Last Saturday

  1. saturday was a beautiful day weather wise but im really not sure where the reporter saw all these bargain shoppers–i ,as well as many of the other vendors were very disappointed with the lack of shoppers–many people traveling down frankford avenue were unaware of the flea market because of no signs directing them towards the field–signs were finally posted along cheltenham avenue at 11:30am when some vendors were about to pack up–years ago this was a very good flea market but has decreased in interest each year–we were told that 65 vendors were expected but there were only about 35–perhaps a location change to the football field(visible from frankford avenue) or the area located at the corner of comly and frankford would be better to attract more vendor interest and shoppers–as well as signs and or notices posted a week in advance to draw notice to the event

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