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Frankford High JROTC Change of Command Ceremony

As the school year comes to a close the ROTC must choose new leadership.

Make way for the new leaders! The pioneer battalion has chosen new cadets to lead us into a new year. Cadet/COL Justin Mount has retired as the battalion commander and Cadet/LTC Antonio Torres has stepped up to the plate. We wish him great achievements in the future. Cadet Torres will lead us into more special projects to help the community. Congrats to Cadet/LTC Torres!

Picture caption: Cadet Justin Mount (left) and JROTC Senior Instructor (right) hands down the position of Battalion Commander to Cadet Torres (center).

((This is Cadet/MAJ Lee Nguyen  Retired Pioneer Battalion S-5. It has been an amazing year working with you to get my battalion into news articles. This year I will graduate and will be handing down my position to a new S-5, C/1LT Jonathan Juarez. I hope you two have great communication as we did and work together to put the Frankford Pioneers into the local newspaper.))