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Mayor’s Clean Up in Overington Park

After all the rain Overington Park was looking like Spring. The sun was out but the winds were strong. We had 31 volunteers come out to work and put our park in order this past Saturday, April 5th, for the coming growing season.
The Joy of Living group saved the day by coming out and working hard until our tasks were completed. We had the Frankford ROTC and the Frankford Garden Club come out and support our efforts, lead by FOOP (Friends of Overington Park) members. We cleaned up the sidewalks around the park, cut back grass edging in our flower beds, cleaned out all the flower beds, opened and mulched our new vegetable bed, and cleared the way for our climbing vine bed along the fence of Leiper St.. We picked up 78 bags of trash, and straightened up our shed to be ready to work in the growing season ahead. We were hoping for more volunteers, but we pushed the ones who came to finish the list of jobs. The  amount of work we accomplished was amazing! Our park looked beautiful by the end of the day.

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Our next event will be on Saturday, May 17th, from 10 till 1, during the Love Your Park Week. We will be holding a perennial plant sale, planting trees, vegetables, vines, and flower beds. We need all the help we can get, so think about coming out and making your community
park shine!
Thanks again to everyone that helped last Saturday and please join us again on May 17th. Without the hard work of the Frankford community, Overington Park would not be the jewel it is today, your help has made all the difference, Thank You!
Diane Kunze, Friend of Overington Park
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Frankford High School Annual Senior Award Ceremony

From: Joe Fraioli,  Frankford High School JROTC

Senior Award Ceremony

Frankford HS held its annual Senior Award Ceremony and there were approximately 35 seniors winning special scholarships and grants from the Pioneer Alumni, Philadelphia Teachers Federation, Boys & Girls Club in addition to several other donors. This group by itself accounted for over 650, 000 in scholarships and grants.

awards 2013


Our graduation date is Wednesday, June 19th at 10 over at War Memorial Stadium. It will be a great day for us.

Our JROTC program is going to try and do 2 graduations within a half hour of each other. Ours scheduled for 10 am and Harding Middle School scheduled for 10:30 am at Fels HS.

Also, there is a big city American Flag Day celebration on June 14th that our school is participating in. Putting up the flag at the Constitution Center. Participating in the Flag ceremony at Independence Hall and finally ending up at the Betsy Ross House.


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2nd Annual Drill Team & Drum Corps Parade

North Philly Foot Stompers Drill Team prepare for parade

Here are some pictures of the 2nd Annual Drill Team & Drum Corps Parade sponsored by Lloyd C. Wilson American Legion Post 224 held on Saturday, July 14th beginning at Harding Middle School and ending at Orthodox & Ditman Sts.

FHS Colorguard left to right: Ed Cordero, Antonio Torres, Tyreek Green and Anthony Ruiz

This is the old Memorial Day Parade that the post use to sponsor the weekend before the actual holiday. They would get over 30 units from all over the region. It was really a big event for the neighborhood. They had to stop it due to problems that occurred in Atlantic City and once that happened as well as several of the original organizers moving or dying things fell into disarray. Then the city would not give them a permit.

But in the end, they are trying to put it back together and with a little luck, good weather and support from the other neighborhood drill units it will succeed.

Lloyd C. Wilson was a graduate of Frankford High School who Killed In Action in Vietnam in 1966.

Frankford Northeast Boys and Girls Club Drill Team and Bugle Corps


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Frankford High JROTC Change of Command Ceremony

As the school year comes to a close the ROTC must choose new leadership.

Make way for the new leaders! The pioneer battalion has chosen new cadets to lead us into a new year. Cadet/COL Justin Mount has retired as the battalion commander and Cadet/LTC Antonio Torres has stepped up to the plate. We wish him great achievements in the future. Cadet Torres will lead us into more special projects to help the community. Congrats to Cadet/LTC Torres!

Picture caption: Cadet Justin Mount (left) and JROTC Senior Instructor (right) hands down the position of Battalion Commander to Cadet Torres (center).

((This is Cadet/MAJ Lee Nguyen  Retired Pioneer Battalion S-5. It has been an amazing year working with you to get my battalion into news articles. This year I will graduate and will be handing down my position to a new S-5, C/1LT Jonathan Juarez. I hope you two have great communication as we did and work together to put the Frankford Pioneers into the local newspaper.))

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Frankford High JROTC Happenings for April

Every year the Frankford High School Alumni selects two graduates to receive this award. This year the Alumi selected a previous graduate, who also came back to his school to contribute to his old football team. Michael Capriotti came back to Frankford High School to coach varsity football. Helping the team win two championships.

Congratulations Coach Capriotti!

On Saturday April 21, 2012, the Pioneer Battalion Raiders team competed against 10 other schools. Pioneers won  third place in the 3Km Run, Land Navigation, and Rope Bridge. In our strong efforts we received 3rd place overall. Which means that we ranked third best against 11 schools in total! Congratulations to our Raiders team!