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Quaker City Dye Works Showing Frankford How Kensington Does It

A massive development along the El in Kensington leaves me hoping for a better Frankford future.

I love pushing the idea that Frankford has [any] potential.  And since I take the El to work, I’m always eager to draw comparisons to the neighborhoods I pass by every day, especially Kensington, which I think has many favorable comparisons to Frankford.

Naked Philadelphia has a blog post about the Quaker City Dye Works down in Kensington located at Oxford and Front Streets soon to be re-purposed as light industry and residential development.  It has an eerie resemblance to our own Globe Dye Works, both in name and future.

Things can grow under the El.  Things are growing under the El now.  And they’re 15 minutes away from us.