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4728 Griscom Street Cleanup

Back on May 6th we posted about the Frankford Civic meeting and the complaints about the 4700 block of Griscom.  It did not take long before things started happening by way of the Frankford CDC cleaning up and sealing 4728 Griscom Street.  It had been an ongoing concern to the CDC (which owns the building) but what made it more of a problem was that a squatter had taken possession of that building.  Squatters are difficult to deal with but the opportunity presented itself and possession of the building was secured.

The alley between 4728 and the building next door (4732-34 Griscom) which is owned by the city was also cleaned.  The pictures below show what was done.  Now the challenge will be to keep it that way. We’re hoping some concerned residents will come to the PSA1 meeting on Tuesday May 22nd to talk to the police about the problems they are having on the block.