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Record Turnout for PSA1 Meeting

I have been to some PSA meetings where there were as few as three people.  Last night, May 22nd, there was about 30 people crammed into the 2nd floor conference room at Aria Health.

At a recent Northwood Civic meeting, some members had complained about crime issues and a point was made that they should attend the PSA meeting.  At the last Frankford Civic meeting, complaints about the 4700 block of Griscom and the long ongoing drug problem were raised and it was suggested that they come to the PSA meeting.  Everyone showed up and some folks from the 4600 block of Leiper were there as well to get help with their drug problem.  Residents of the area around Horrocks and Herbert Streets reported acts of vandalism as an ongoing problem.

Lt. Derrick Wood went around the room and took his time taking it all in.  As usual he made no promises but listened to each person and asked questions and made suggestions.  He made it clear that he was not aware of the magnitude of these problems and would follow up on the information provided.

The residents asked why these problems are not being addressed.  Where are the police.  Why do some blocks never see a patrol car.

Well you call 911 and we all know that the 15th is the busiest district in the city so unless you have a major crime, you are not going to see the police right away.  When the get there it will likely be after you problem is over.

The PSA meeting is the best way to make sure that your problem is on their radar.  If it is an ongoing problem, like somebody selling drugs on your block, it is not going to be solved over night.  You have to take the initiative and keep coming to the meetings until you get the service you deserve.

Lt. Wood spent some time after the meeting getting additional information from some folks.  They all say they will be back next month to keep up the pressure.

The next meeting of PSA1 is on June 20 at 7PM at Aria Health.