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Memorial Day in Frankford

Time to take a break from the holiday frivolity for a minute to remember what it is all about.

We have two major memorials in Frankford.

The War Memorial at Wakeling and Large Streets honors those who served in World War I. It lists the names of the 2,382 men and

Frankford War Memorial

women who were from Frankford and served in the military during the war.  There were 28 fatalities in the list.  We have spent quite a bit of time working on documenting the history of the memorial and how it came to be there.  It occurred to me while I was photographing the brass panels that nobody remembers any of those people any more.  The names are up there but they are almost forgotten.

Then one day I was looking at those images and found someone I knew.  Levi Coates was our neighbor when we moved on to Penn Street in 1975.  He had lived in Frankford all his life and the only time he had left for any period of time was to serve in WWI.  So there his names was and it was only by chance that I happened to find it.

So that they might not be forgotten we created an index of the names from the images of the brass panels.  You can see it here.  Maybe you will find someone you recognize.

In Cedar Hill Cemetery is the Frankford Civil War and Soldier’s Memorial.  It is to remember the war and its soldiers. There are close to 150 names of Frankford soldiers who served in the war and 33 are interred in the circle of honor surrounding the monument.

It might be fitting if some folks stopped one or the other of these spots this weekend.

Below is a slide show of the recent re-dedication of the memorial at Cedar Hill.