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Phila2035 Meeting Number 2

A rainy night on June 12th at St. Martins on the boulevard was the site for meeting number 2 planning session for the Lower Northeast District Plan of Phila2035.  This was kind of a continuation of the work done at at the first meeting.  The pdf linked here is a good summary of where the meeting was heading.  The first meeting produced issues.  The second meeting was to refine approaches to addressing those issues. Emphasis is on what is doable in the current fiscal environment.  Pie in the sky projects with no support are out.  Practical things that can be done are in.

My pet project is the Frankford Greenway which would run from Juniata Park at the golf course to Torresdale Avenue with a green open space along the creek with a trail is matched up against spending some money on recreation centers.  So we have to decide how much to dedicate to each.  Where will that money do the most good.

There are other examples in the pdf linked above.  The results of the work groups pictured below are back with the city planners and they will reveal the final plan for our approval at the big meeting at the Globe Dye works on August 7th.

The techies are really getting into this planning thing.  If you see one of these signs asking you a question, it is serious.  Text back your opinion and it will count.