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Frankford Murals Reveal the Heart of its People

The design of the first three of the five mural locations in Frankford have been unveiled and the results, as judged by the residents at the meeting, are stunning.  The hours of interviews, meetings, walking the neighborhood etc. have clearly made an impression on the artist, Cesar Viveros.  He has tried to incorporate the wealth of history, tradition, hopes, values and dreams of Frankford into the project.

So if you were standing in Womrath Park you would be able to see all three of these murals.  If you are coming up from Center City on the El, you will also be able to see the murals.

There will eventually be documentation to explain what the images in the mural portray.  At the meeting, not everyone had heard about Lydia Darragh or the Frankford Advice, two of the more interesting historic stories involving Frankford.

The slide show below gives you a quick view of the before and after views.


The thumbnails below will give you a more detailed closeup view of the murals.  We still need the last two mural designs to be finalized and production will begin shortly.  The community will be invited to participate in the paining of the art work.  This is a unique opportunity to witness history close up.






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  1. The murals are beautiful. A positive addition to Frankford.

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