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Frankford Gateway to Be in the Planning Mix reports that the Lower Northeast District-level plan to be unveiled at the Philadelphia2035 public meeting on August 7th at the Globe Dye Works will feature 3 focus areas:

  • Castor Avenue commercial corridor
  • Frankford Gateway which includes Frankford Creek and part of Frankford Avenue, and a number of former industrial buildings that have been rehabbed.
  • SEPTA’s Frankford Transportation Center

These are ideas that floated about at the first two planning meetings but what has happened is that the community members at those meetings had the opportunity to give their vote on priorities.

So my pet project of the Frankford Greenway will be phased in apparently depending on the availability of grant money.  The offset is that there will be more direct funding to area recreational facilities.  Those are  choices that have to be made.  The one thing that this plan may actually do is get something done.  The emphasis is on what is doable now rather than making a plan that will ever be funded.

If it gets done, it is a winner.  You can read the entire story at here and come to the Globe to see what is all about .  It’s our community.