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Northwood Civic Cleans Up

Joe, Junior, Frank, Sonya

Joe and Victor

It was a peaceful Saturday morning and I get a text claiming that the Northwood Civic folks were out at Adams and the Boulevard cleaning up that lot at the intersection.  I had to go out anyway so I went by and saw two guys in Home Depot tee shirts working on the lot.  Then I noticed Northwood on the other side planting and trimming and enjoying the glamor of civic engagement in Northwood.

This is serious stuff though.  That intersection is almost like a gateway into Northwood and for most of the year it looks horrible.  So three cheers for Northwood in the persons of Frank Bennett, Joe Krause, Sonya Martin and Junior.  The guys from Home Depot work in the garden center and their names are Joe and Victor.


3 thoughts on “Northwood Civic Cleans Up

  1. Seems like there are some people who really care about Northwood still. Maybe it is time some of the native sons return home to help. Might take me some time with kids ingrained in this neighborhood, grade school, etc, but I am seriously considering returning “home.”

  2. Philly19154 – Northwood is doing all the right things now to keep this a family neighborhood. We have a lot of new families that are here to stay, and moved here because of the single family community. All pictured have been here less than 5 years. We still have the great homes and now will have 2 charter schools and Frankford Friends. Residents have just retained private security to patrol and report to police anything ‘bad’ in our neighborhood. People who care about where they live should definitely come back ‘HOME’ to Northwood.

  3. I’m in another “exclusive enclave” of the NE right now, so I’m in a good spot, and my kids enjoy their back yard, one that even the 6 bedroom colonials I so admired as a kid do not have. But the history of Northwood, and my history in Northwood, definitely make it desirable to me and I am sure that I will be there once again. I will be making the civic meetings when my schedule allows, I intend to be part of the community. The fact that the NW Civic (and Mr Bennett with his legal expertise) are helping Frankford really shows me that Northwood is making a stand and everyone should want to be a part of that.

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