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Murals Going Up in Frankford

Mural panels in progress

Saturday, August 4th, was the first public community paint day for the Frankford murals. I stopped by for some pictures and there was a steady stream of visitors coming in to try their hand at this historic project.  Meanwhile, if you have been by Womrath Park in the last, week you might have missed noticing the work begun on the first mural panels.  I was there to photograph the work on the rain garden and missed it myself.

Below is a slide show of Paint day.  It’s not too late to participate.  There will a second community paint day at 2nd Baptist Church next Saturday from 11AM till 2PM.  That is at 1801 Meadow Street.


2 thoughts on “Murals Going Up in Frankford

  1. What is the building these mural panels are going on? Is it abandoned or is it a functional revenue generating property?

  2. It is an operating business. I’m not sure now but it was a lighting maintenance company called Barney Roth.

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