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Northwood Civic Votes for Popeyes

Proposed Popeyes Chicken Location

At the Northwood Civic Association meeting on August 21st, membership had no opposition to a proposal for a new Popeyes Chicken at the location of the old beer distributor at 4501 Castor Avenue.  That is in the same strip of stores as Family Dollar.

Other issues at the well attended meeting were:

  • Camelot Schools Excel Academy on the Friends Hospital grounds is seeking a zoning variance to install two mobile units.  No increase in school capacity is in the works but there will be one additional classroom and the other unit will be used as a library.  The membership voted not to oppose the variance.
  • Further investigation of the 949 Foulkrod Street property has uncovered that it is indeed occupied by one very large extended family.  The owner has taken some steps to clean up the property and the Civic board has decided to take a wait and see approach.  No legal action will be taken at this time to enforce the Northwood deed restriction.
  • On the 900 block of Foulkrod Street a resident is running an informal used car business.  The Civic has engaged the individual in discussions which are ongoing.
  • A cleanup of the triangle at Adams and the Boulevard is scheduled for 9 AM on August 25th.  Volunteers are needed and encouraged to come with tools.  This is the gateway to Northwood and should not be left to deteriorate.
  • The property at 1131 Filmore is being illegally converted to a triplex with a future use as a 6 unit boarding house.  No permits or zoning variance has been requested.  There is a violation notice issued and further inspection is scheduled.  The neighbors are mobilizing.  Work is still being done as of today.
  • The owner of 4834 Penn Street went to zoning and obtained permit for an increase of two units after appearing at the Frankford Civic meeting last month.  This was an over the counter approval based on the square footage of the building.  Building permits have not been submitted for the permits needed to finish the project.  Councilwoman Sanchez office is monitoring the situation.
  • Jason Dawkins, of Councilwoman Sanchez office, gave a projection of the homeless situation developing due to the elimination of the General Assistance funds that have been discontinued by the state.  Hundreds of men are likely to be evicted by their landlords.
  • Jason Dawkins and Kim Washington (on behalf of the Frankford NAC) are working on a use for the old Frankford Y.  This will not be an overnight deal but something may develop by Spring.
  • Harry Mearing gave a report on the activities of the Neighborhood Security Patrol.  He also introduced a new member of his team.

The next meeting of the Northwood Civic Association will be held on September 18th at 7PM at St. James Lutheran Church.