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NE EPIC Stakeholders Meeting 8/30/12

Steve Blackburn with Ama, Ann and Andrea

The EPIC Stakeholders had another informative meeting on Thursday, August 30th.  It was held at 2nd Baptist this time.

  • Steve Blackburn, of Carson Valley Children’s Aid gave an update on truancy enforcement for the public schools.  Carson Valley is one of two providers in North and Northeast Philadelphia who will be visiting students homes to do investigations of truancy.  This will usually come after a student has 10 unexcused absences.  Steve introduced Ama Paasewe, Truancy Supervisor and Ann Bourdeau and Andrea Julius, both Truancy Case Managers. Only about 50% of public school students who enter high school finish.  Truancy is the first step on the road to failure.
  • Hope4Philly will be having their annual event at Harding Middle School on September 15th from 11 AM to 3 PM.
  • Tree Philly event is coming up on November 3rd at 2nd Baptist.  Free trees for those who apply in advance.
  • A build out at Hedge Street park in in the planning stages.  This will mean a major improvement coming within a year.
  • Affordable new houses will be built on the lot at Gillingham and Tackawanna Streets.  Information will be available as that project gets underway.
  • Affordable senior housing is proposed or the former faculty house at NE Catholic High School, at Torresdale and Kensington Ave.
  • Dan Duffy of Councilwoman Sanchez office gave a presentation on the new zoning code recently implemented in the city.
  • The Frankford NAC has been designated as a RCO (Recognized Community Organization) in relation to zoning.  That means that the NAC will have standing when a zoning project requires community support.  Those who have to make a community presentation will have to include the NAC in that meeting.  This means that Frankford will have greater overall representation in those issues.
  • C.H.A.M.P.S. (Choosing Healthy And Mature Principles for Success) Mentoring Program is in need of more mentors for Frankford High school students.  They had a very successful first year with the vast majority (106 of 111) of students in the program staying in school and moving on to 10th grade.  If you would like to be a mentor, contact Stephen L. Stevens Jr.,Program Coordinator, Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia at 267-971-2540 or email

The next EPIC Stakeholders meeting will be held on September 27th at a location to be announced.