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Northwood Civic Association Nears Record Membership

Deputy Police Commissioner, Tom Wright

At the Northwood Civic Association meeting on September 18th, President Joe Krause announced that paid memberships are 93 at present.  This is up from single digits earlier this year.  This is the culmination of a membership drive conducted over the last few months.

In other news at the meeting:

  • Deputy Philadelphia Police Commissioner Tom Wright and Captain Frank Bachmayer commented on the Northwood Neighborhood Security Patrol.  They expressed some concerns about neighbors calling the patrol rather than 911 for crime situations.  Wright noted that staffing in the districts is driven by crime reports that come from 911.  All crimes should be reported to 911 since this is the only way the police are made aware of criminal activity.  Quality of life issues are just as important as major crimes and should be reported.  Even though a particular call may not see prompt police response due to higher priorities, the report itself is very important.
  • Harry Mearing of the Neighborhood Security Patrol gave a brief report on the activity since last month.  Now there are three patrol officers sharing the duties, seven days a week.
  • Nominations for the board elections will be made at next month’s meeting.  All offices are up for election and there are 3 vacant positions on the board now.  You must be a paid member to be nominated for election.
  • Tom McAvoy, President of the Northwood Town Watch needs more volunteers.  This is an eyes and ears organization.  No patrolling ins involved.  Contact Tom at
  • Frank Bennett noted that the last member of the board of directors of the Frankford Community Y appointed him to the board and then resigned leaving Bennett as the only board member.  He has control of the property and been in discussion with the bank holding the mortgage.  His plan is to build a new board for the Y to develop a business plan for the resurrection of the organization.  Those who would consider joining the board should contact Bennett at
  • Candidates for State Representative will be invited to speak at next month’s meeting.  They were introduced:  John Taylor, Republican incumbent  State Representative in the 177 legislative district; William Dunbar, Democratic candidate opposing Taylor; James Clay, Democratic Candidate for State Representative in the 179 legislative district .

The next meeting of the Northwood Civic Association will be held on October 16th at 7PM at St. James Lutheran Church at Castor Ave. and Pratt Street.

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  1. Good positive meeting on Tuesday and not a bad turnout even with the bad weather. Safety concerns due to the weather kept some away; so I asked Councilwoman Sanchez to attend in October. As long as the weather cooperates we should have a full house.

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