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Followup to Friends of Overington Park Need Your Help

Why the sight was chosen for the shed

4 years ago we wrote a grant to get a shed and a good water supply. The water was located on Pilling street, right at the curb. It was suggested that it be placed next to the main on the street. We felt that that sight was too confrontational to the Pilling St. neighbors, so we picked a location behind some large trees but still close enough to the water that the project would still work.

We picked a brick facing so it would blend in with the community. We really tried to make it as nice as we could for the neighbors and still get water. I’m sorry that it offends anyone. Our grant was not picked then. This June out of the blue PHS gave us the gift of the shed for the park, quite a surprise for us.

We told anyone who came to our events about the present we were getting, we were thrilled to be thought of for such a big gift. Again we are only trying to improve the park not hurt anyone. If you are concerned about the park and what we are doing in it, please join us, we need all the help we can get. Let’s plan Overington Park’s future together.

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