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Robberies Down in Frankford

4844 Frankford ave (2)web

4844 Frankford ave

It was an active PSA1 meeting on Wednesday, January 23rd, with over 20 people crowding into the conference room at Aria Hospital.  The ever present Officer Andrews introduced Sergeant Ed Pisarek who is new to the 15th district.  Pisarek went through a list of things that are being done that have reduced the robbery rate in Frankford, among them focusing on getting guns off the street.  The police are targeting repeat offenders with a history of gun crimes.  These few repeat offenders may be responsible for 70% of the crime in our area.  (Interesting story on hot spot policing in New York at this link)

The barber shop at 4844 Frankford Avenue is closed due to guns and alcohol activity.

The individual who fire bombed the house on Foulkrod Street last month was apprehended the same day.  The target of his attack was never identified.  The hot spot area of Foulkrod and Frankford is getting serious police presence by both uniformed and plain clothes officers.

The Bridge and Pratt Cafe (Trolley Stop) continues to attract problems.

A new strategy will be enforcement of closing hours of both bars and take out shops.  Zoning specifies the hours that these places should close and when they do not they attract trouble.  The police will be stopping in to enforce the hours.

Pisarek noted that tips from citizens have been helpful in leading the police to drug arrests in areas of Frankford.  Drugs and guns go together so this helps get guns off the streets. You can attend the PSA meeting and talk with the police directly or find out how to make an anonymous tip.

The residents of the 5000 block of Griscom Street continue to enjoy some calm after a very bad time last year.

Tom McAvoy, President of the Northwood Town Watch, noted the occasional truck parking problem but said that it has improved a lot thanks to the police.  He also brought up the issue of bandit signs which are going up all over Frankford and brought some samples with him.  Those signs are illegal but not a high priority for the police.  You can find more information on this problem at the bandit project web site at this link.

The next PSA1 meeting will be held on February 20th at 7PM at Aria Hospital.