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Frankford Creek Greenway Trail Gets High Priority

The Frankford Creek Greenway trail moved one step forward at a presentation made to the Philadelphia City Planning Commission of the draft recommendation for prioritizing trail construction in the city.  The Frankford Greenway met the criteria for moving high up on the list of 75 planned trails.


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Open Space Planner Jeannette Brugger noted that “The Frankford Creek Greenway is in an area of low automobile ownership and fills a gap in open space access. Frankford Creek is also a waterway targeted for improvements by the Philadelphia Water Department.”

The factors in prioritization are: Prior commitment (Frankford Greenway plan by the PWD), demand (lack of green space in the lower Northeast), Feasibility (to be started this year), connectivity (would close major gaps in the trail network) and cost.

The Frankford Greenway scored highly because:

  • Previous master plan
  • In an area of low car ownership
  • Fills the gap in walkable access to open space
  • PWD waterway restoration priority
  • Completes a gap in the trail network

A grant for the feasibility study of the Frankford Creek Greenway has been awarded and the contract should be awarded in the next month.  You can review all the details on the planphilly web site at this link.