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Mayor’s Clean Up at Overington Park

We held our first event in our new building this past Saturday, April 13,2013, from 10 to 1. It was wonderful to have all our tools and supplies available to us, just by opening up the door to our Shed. We used the new water supply to clean our tools and hands at the end of the day.

Our thanks goes out again to Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and Philadelphia Parks & Recreation for their support in getting IMG_2024webus the water and new building for our park. 60 volunteers come out to help get our park off on the right foot this Spring. We cleaned out 10 flower beds, weeded tree pits, picked up trash and emptied trash cans, collected dead wood from around the park, removed graffiti, and cut in our new large flower bed around the shed.

The UCARE group from Ursinus College, came all the way from Collegeville, Pa, to help us out. Our Frankford High JR ROTC came out in force. The Frankford Garden Club members gave instruction on opening our flower beds for spring. State Rep. James Clay not only bought pretzels for our volunteers but came in person to deliver them. As always Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez under wrote our event.

The Friends of Overington Park pulled together to make the day a success. The new owner of the apartment building next to the park came out to lend a hand. The Frankford Gazette and Northeast Times stopped by to cover our clean up. We had more park neighbors come out and help on Saturday then ever before. The weather was perfect for working outside, clear, dry, and not too hot. We covered all the jobs that needed to get done, making us ready for a great 2013 growing season. Thank you to everyone who took time out of their weekend to help get our park in shape for Spring.

Our next event will be on May 18th from 10am to 1pm. We will hold our Second Annual Perennial Plant Sale, and plant our flower beds with seeds and perennials. Our volunteers will get seeds to use at home to improve their gardens, as well as tee shirts, and snacks. If you are looking for beautiful plants that will come back year after year, come out and support the park by buying our perennials at great prices. Please come out and join us!