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String Theory Does the Kimmel

A chance to cover Frankford news at the Kimmel Center downtown does not come all that often, so there we were on Tuesday night June 4th, front row in Verizon Hall.  It felt like a Broadway opening night.  We were late but just made the overture after wading through a crowd of equally late Frankford families looking for their seats.  The String Theory School for Arts and Sciences (formerly H. R. Edmunds) was about to raise the curtain on the first annual Spring concert.

Expectations were high and  you could see the excitement in these families eyes at seeing their kids perform in this magnificent venue.  It was a two part show with the first half music and vocal and the second half highlighting the dance crew.  The band was good as you can see from the clip.  Bear in mind that many of these kids have never held one of those instruments before September.

The dance performance was imaginative with something that boys could really relate to.  You’ll see from the clip.

A big treat for the kids was the appearance of Cody Wise a recording artist who is a graduate the Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School, also managed by String Theory.  After doing his gig he took the time to shake the hand of each of the young performers.

We took some time during the intermission to talk to some parents.  They were hard pressed to hold back their enthusiasm for the school and their pride in their children.

It seems to be no theory with them, the parents are well pleased with the education their kids are getting.  For the $10.00 cost of admission you could not have had more fun downtown although the hall was pretty well packed.  Hope we’re invited back next year.