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Police No Show at PSA1 Meeting

There were ten Frankford residents at Aria hospital on July 25th for the monthly PSA1 meeting but the police did not attend.   So far we have had no explanation.  There are occasional scheduling conflicts but when that has happened in the past, notice is given ahead of time.

Lack of police did not stop residents from continuing to raise the issue of rising drug activity on the 4700 block of Griscom.  Earlier in the Spring, activity had calmed down but no its in high gear again.

Pete Specos will follow up with Lt. Burton on this and the other issues discussed at the meeting.

The next PSA1 meeting according to the 15th district calendar on their web site is August 22nd at Aria Hospital at 7PM.  This is also listed at Captain’s Town Hall meeting so maybe Captain McCloskey will attend as well.