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Movie Night in Overington Park

Our second movie night in Overington Park, went off without a hitch, on Thursday August 15. Over 150 people showed up to enjoy the cool summer evening with their neighbors, watching the movie The Avengers! movie night in the park

This time the projection went off a bit late but the equipment was in good working order. Everyone talked about how the park was looking good this summer, and that they bring their children there almost every day. The Friends group accepted thanks for their good work as they handed out snacks. Being in the park at night thrilled the small ones. Shrieks of laughter could be heard thru out the evening. It was wonderful to see so many families coming into the park for a shared good time with their community. State Representative James Clay, sponsored the film and printed up flyers.

Friends of Overington Park , with the support of our councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez, supplied the snacks, and the venue.

The Friend’s next event will be on September 28th, from 12 till 3pm, Third Annual Art Under The Trees. We will have a chalk art contest, craft project, and more. Please come out and bring you flair for color with you. Prizes will be awarded.

Once again, thanks to everyone who supports Overington Park, the park belongs to us all and we need everyone pulling together to make it shine!

Diane Kunze
Friends of Overington Park

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  1. It was a great night. Thanks to everyone that made this happen.

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