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Northwood Civic Board Nominations

At the Northwood Civic Association meeting on October 15th,  nominations for board membership were taken.  The results are listed below.

Joe Krause – President

Tom McAvoy – Vice President

Mary Robus – Secretary

Renee Hudson – Treasurer (appointed)

Board Nominees: Lou Kubik, Ed Martin, Allen Jackson, Sonya Martin

In other news at the meeting:

  • Ellen Chapman of the Energy Coordinating Agency gave a presentation of the energy saving programs available from PGW.
  • Jason Dawkins gave an update on the situation at Simpson playground.  Repairs to the building are needed for it to open.  They are looking at less expensive options to bring the cost down.

The next meeting of the Northwood Civic will be on Tuesday, November 19th at 7PM at St. James Lutheran Church.