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Frankford Y Off the Auction Block

At a news conference on November 3rd, Frank Bennett, President of the board of the New Frankford Community Y, announced that an agreement has been reached with Beneficial Mutual Savings Bank to acknowledge satisfaction of the mortgage on the property located at 4704 Leiper Street and also known as the historic Bromley Mansion.  This clears the way for development of the property and reopening it as a community center.

Board members: Pete Specos, Kristy Schneider, Frank Bennett,  Joe Krause and Jose Figuera

Board members: Pete Specos, Kristy Schneider, Frank Bennett, Joe Krause and Jose Figueroa

In addition, Mr. Bennett has signed an agreement with the board to lease the mansion area of the property which will house offices for his law practice and real estate business. He will restore the building in exchange for a 99 year lease at $1.00 per year.

The recreational area of the property will be restored to community use.

With the loss of the PAL center and Salvation Army recreational facilities for youth, the need for a place for kids to go in Northwood and Frankford has never been greater.

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2 thoughts on “Frankford Y Off the Auction Block

  1. Thank you sooooo very much Mr. Bennett, our children of FKD has been let without outlets such as the Y and Pal centers. You have done a great service to restore positive growth and guidance for our children in the community. With the return of the Y and the many services it offers for both the young and old, once again FKD has begun to flourish, businesses are returning and the Ave is a better place to shop locally.

  2. Thank you! I no longer live in Frankford but I am so thankful that you restoring the Northwood Y. My family lived directly across the street in the Leiper apartment. We were a young family starting out and we ulitized this center in our Community. My daughter was also a student at the Frankford friends school; her classmates walked to the center to do swimming lessons twice a week. Thank you for seeing the beauty in this community.

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