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Frankford Y Building on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places

Garsed Bromley Mansion – New Frankford Community Y

At the July 8th meeting of the Philadelphia Historical Commission, the Garsed Bromley Mansion / YWCA of Frankford was approved and placed upon the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places. ( I was the lead nominator, Debbie Klak, former president of the HSF (Historical Society of Frankford) and Diane Sadler, curator of the HSF were the co-nominators)
There was no local representative or elected public official in support – or against, there was no representative from the “owners” of the present non-profit who control the building, there were no representatives from Northwood Civic Association (that once so loudly vocal about demolishing the Building). 
There was no broad community support. 
Ashley Hahn of Planphilly was (as she usually is) present with her lap-top typing and covering all the nominations.
John Buffington board member of Historical Society of Frankford and Frankford resident, was the lone-wolf who spoke highly and eloquently about the building and Frankford in general.
Thank you John,
and thank you Ashley.
If you want to see or read the nomination, 
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Frankford Y Off the Auction Block

At a news conference on November 3rd, Frank Bennett, President of the board of the New Frankford Community Y, announced that an agreement has been reached with Beneficial Mutual Savings Bank to acknowledge satisfaction of the mortgage on the property located at 4704 Leiper Street and also known as the historic Bromley Mansion.  This clears the way for development of the property and reopening it as a community center.

Board members: Pete Specos, Kristy Schneider, Frank Bennett,  Joe Krause and Jose Figuera

Board members: Pete Specos, Kristy Schneider, Frank Bennett, Joe Krause and Jose Figueroa

In addition, Mr. Bennett has signed an agreement with the board to lease the mansion area of the property which will house offices for his law practice and real estate business. He will restore the building in exchange for a 99 year lease at $1.00 per year.

The recreational area of the property will be restored to community use.

With the loss of the PAL center and Salvation Army recreational facilities for youth, the need for a place for kids to go in Northwood and Frankford has never been greater.

Further details are available in the video at the top of the page.




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Nominations for Board Members at Northwood Civic

At the September meeting of the Northwood Civic Association, President Joe Krause announced that nominations for new board members will be accepted at the October meeting.   The civic needs board members to do the work that needs to be done in the community.  This is your chance to contribute and help out the neighborhood.

Other news at the September meeting:

  • The Treasurer was absent so no treasurer’s report was available.
  • It was announced that the Bridge (a residential substance abuse treatment center for adolescent males), now under construction, would be opening in January of 2014 at 1100 Adams Avenue.  The Northwood Civic supported their zoning application to occupy the building.  The group is moving from their present location on Pine Road.
  • Tom McAvoy, President of Northwood Town Watch, says truck parking is now pretty much under control.
  • There are several houses being rehabbed in the Northwood deed restricted area.  When the civic becomes aware of that situation, they send a notice to the real estate agent or owner to remind them of the deed restriction.  This lets them know that what they can and cannot do.
  • The Bromley Mansion Y building is stiill in need of someone to step up with financing for anything to move forward.
  • State Representative James Clay discussed a bill he is cosponsoring that will tax lottery winnings to finance education.  The details of the bill will be worked out in the next session of the congress.
  • Jason Dawkins, for Councilwoman Sanchez, talked about legislation she has pushed through that will exempt $50,000 of revenue for new businesses from the gross receipts tax for the first year of operation.  Another bill would provide free business licenses for 2014.  Both pieces of legislation are aimed at encouraging new start up businesses.

The next meeting of the Northwood Civic Association will be held on October 15th at 7PM at St. James Lutheran Church at Pratt St. and Castor Avenue.