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Frankford Y Building on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places

Garsed Bromley Mansion – New Frankford Community Y

At the July 8th meeting of the Philadelphia Historical Commission, the Garsed Bromley Mansion / YWCA of Frankford was approved and placed upon the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places. ( I was the lead nominator, Debbie Klak, former president of the HSF (Historical Society of Frankford) and Diane Sadler, curator of the HSF were the co-nominators)
There was no local representative or elected public official in support – or against, there was no representative from the “owners” of the present non-profit who control the building, there were no representatives from Northwood Civic Association (that once so loudly vocal about demolishing the Building). 
There was no broad community support. 
Ashley Hahn of Planphilly was (as she usually is) present with her lap-top typing and covering all the nominations.
John Buffington board member of Historical Society of Frankford and Frankford resident, was the lone-wolf who spoke highly and eloquently about the building and Frankford in general.
Thank you John,
and thank you Ashley.
If you want to see or read the nomination,