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Fall Festival at Overington Park

By: Diane Kunze and the Friends of Overington Park

We had the best Fest ever! So many families came out to the park on Saturday Oct. 19th for our Fall Festival, that we ran out of everything, and had to rap up a little early.

We had a pumpkin patch, children’s games, a cardboard castle, and wanted station manned by sheriff John. Every parent wanted a picture of their kid in our wanted cutout, there were lines! We had an apple printing craft project, pretzels and of course CANDY!

It was a beautiful day with a turn out that topped all other events. New parents wanted to join our group next year to help make the event bigger and better. It was heart warming to see big tough guys grinning with joy at their little ones having so much fun.

Life sometimes can be ruff but in Overington Park the good times were rolling with Park Friends, JR ROTC, and neighbors coming together to make a wonderful day for families in our community. The world needs hope and good times.   Thanks for the support Friends of Overington Park receives from our Councilwoman, state Rep, and our neighbors.  You make it easy to share the happiness!

Please join us at our next event on Saturday Nov. 16th Love Your Park, when we will be hosting the Philly Tree giveaway, Cleaning up the park,and holding a tree care work shop! We will be going from 10 till 1 that day, so come out and pick up your tree, learn about caring for them and put our park to bed for the winter.

Slideshow below by Susan Valentin.