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TextBlast Upgraded

We had to find a new system for our TextBlast system at the end of October.  The old system stopped working.

We moved all of our users to  It is an improvement in several ways.  It lets us schedule a notice in advance which we could not do with the old system.  It also lets us send something out from a mobile phone.  So if I get a last minute notice and need to send it out while we’re out of the office, it can go.

The one problem we have is that the new system needs to know your cell phone provider.  If you subscribe from your cell phone, it automatically gets that information.  For the users previously subscribed, we did the best job we could in identifying what carrier you are using.

If you signed up for TextBlast in the past and have not received a message this week, Please email your cell phone number and carrier (Verizon, AT&T, Cricket etc.) to  We will update the records manually and send you a test message.

If you have not signed up for TextBlast and would like to, just text the word JOIN to   That will put you back into our system.