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Artist Finalists Visit Womrath Park

The five finalists competing for the opportunity to create a sculpture in Womrath Park visited the site for the first time on November 25th.  The weather was ideal but cold as the group, along with city representatives and members of the public, heard some of the history of the park and its present condition.  The sculpture is intended to become the central feature of the park.destination frankford

The group then met at the Globe Dye Works for further discussions.  Final proposals from the five will be presented to the selection committee on January 27th, 2014.  On the same evening, they will give shorter presentations to which the public will be invited. The winning proposal will be unveiled to the public in February.  The contract for the successful artist will be finalized in April and installation is scheduled to be completed by November of next year.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Conveys high artistic quality;
  • Communicates with a wide public audience;
  • Possesses a fresh and innovative approach;
  • Highlights and preserves the uniqueness of the community;
  • Includes an interactive component;
  • Expresses a welcoming spirit;
  • Adheres to specific dimensional and other physical requirements;
  • Pays attention to public safety;
  • Presents resistance to vandalism;
  • Demonstrates durability of materials; and
  • Is environmentally thoughtful.

The finalists are:  Jake Beckman, Pete Beeman, Jim Galucci, Robert Roesch and Christine Rojek.  Click on the names to see samples of their past work.

Funding for this project, the central component of the Destination Frankford initiative, is supported by a grant from ArtPlace America, a collaboration of leading national and regional foundations, banks and federal agencies accelerating creative placemaking across the US

Thanks to Ian Litwin, Project Manager, and the City Planning Commission for making this a reality.