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Frankford Civic March Meeting

There were no zoning cases to discuss this month but there was an interesting presentation by Tom Branigan and Alexia Sotirchos from the Delaware River City Corporation (DRCC).

The DRCC from their web site:

The Delaware River City Corp. (DRCC) exists in order to build, maintain and promote the North Delaware Greenway. The North Delaware Greenway is a portion of the urban, multi-state corridor, the East Coast Greenway, which connects similar projects from Maine to Florida. In partnership with many others, the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, the Philadelphia Commerce Department and Department of Parks and Recreation, and local civic organizations, the DRCC is realizing the vision of a renewed Delaware riverfront.

The most recent development was the opening of the Port Richmond Trail which runs next to Delaware Avenue from Allegheny up the the Betsy Ross Bridge at Lewis Street.  Right at Allegheny is the new Pulaski Park.  We took a tour Sunday and even though the newly planted trees haven’t bloomed yet, you can see the potential there.  See the slideshow below.

In context, this stretch of the trail will be a segment of the 3,000 mile East Coast Greenway running from Canada to Key West, Florida.  The Philadelphia segment is planned out and some of it is now being implemented.  Grpund was broken last week for the extension of Delaware Avenue from Lewis Street to Orthodox Street.  The trail will be built along with the roadway.  Eventually Delaware Avenue will run all the way up the the Arsenal boat ramp and the trail will run along with it.

Planning is also ongoing for the Frankford Creek Greenway to connect to the trail system thereby giving us in Frankford access to the Delaware river by bike.

The next meeting of the Frankford Civic Association will be held at Aria Hospital on April 3rd at 7PM.

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