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Northeast Frankford Boys & Girls Club Advisory Council Meeting

The historic William W. Axe School building at 1709-33 Kinsey Street has housed the Northeast Frankford Boys & Girls club for many, many years.  The building is on the National Register of Historic Places but it is in a deteriorating condition which threatens to give it up at almost any time.  The advisory council is now reforming with some new participants who hope to pull it back from the brink and revitalize it.

The first order of business is fund raising which has been neglected in years past.   A Beef, Turkey and Beer event is being cosponsored by the Concerned Citizens of Frankford and the Advisory Council on Saturday, May  24th from 6 to 10 PM at the Lloyd Wilson 224 Post (2006 Orthodox Street).  Ticket price is $10.00.advisory council march 2014

An alumni day is being planned for a date to be determined what will welcome past Boys & Girls Club members to come back to the club to remenice about their times and possible make a donation.

A Facebook page is under construction at this time and should be up and running by the next meeting which is on March 27th at 7PM at the club.  Volunteers are welcome and needed.

Looking back at the past few years, we have seen the Salvation Army center, PAL and the Frankford Community Y all close.  Each provided recreational activities for youth which is no longer available.  We can’t let the Boys and Girls Club die from neglect.