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Historical Society Meeting Tuesday Night

It was the annual membership night at the Historical Society of Frankford as four board members were re-elected to full 3 year terms on March 11th. Sara Brower, John Buffington, Susan Couvreur and Bruce McKenzie retained their seats.

The treasurers report presented by Bruce McKenzie, indicates that there is enough cash on hand to meet immediate needs but additional revenue is needed to make progress on making the improvements that are needed to keep the society moving forward.board members

The 2013 Activity Report was delivered by Sara Brower. It was a busy year. You can read it in detail here page 1 and page 2.

There was a spirited question and answer period as members asked questions and voiced their concerns.

hsf march 2014Members were also invited to bring their personal post card collections to share and several members had very interesting collections on display.

Patricia Coyne displayed a slide show of images from her personal collection of Frankford post cards as the members browsed through the other collections and had light refreshments.

The next meeting at the Historical Society will be on Tuesday, April 8th at 7:00 PM.  The program will be: FIGHTING FIRES IN FRANKFORD (FROM HORSES TO HORSEPOWER: PHILADELPHIA BUREAU OF FIRE 1871–1923)Presentation by Jack Wright, Historian, Philadelphia Fire Department