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NAC Meeting March Report

By Doug Bryant, NAC President

Our zoning meeting was held at Second Baptist Church of Frankford on March 13, 2014. There were no zoning variances listed for consideration. Present however was Hakim Mubarak from the office of Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez and Ian Litwin, Larissa Klevan and Andrew Maloney members of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission. Together they divided those present at our meeting into two groups.

Using detailed aerial views and overlay maps, they outlined the city’s continuing efforts to streamline and enhance the overall existing zoning code regulations and the particular impact proposed changes might have on the Frankford community. Of the proposed changes they outlined, reclassifying many of the area’s commercial/industrial sites for less industrial usage. Codes matching existing sites, maintaining and encouraging single family dwellings rather than multiple family dwellings drew the greatest response from those present.

It was noted that they were but proposals born in part of ongoing meetings with local zoning boards and their membership, local business and industry leaders and the city’s planning commission.  There were numerous questions and comments and the panel dealt with each in detail. The meeting adjourned shortly after with a pledge that throughout the development process, meeting presentations such as these would continue to be held, ensuring that local community voices and concerns would be a timely and viable inclusion into any decisions made.