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EPIC Stakeholders March Meeting

The Northeast EPIC Stakeholders met on March 27th at 2nd Baptist with a full program of informative speakers.  Nafisah Lewis, the new coordinator, lead the meeting.

George Mosee, Deputy District Attorney, discussed in detail the juvenile justice system in Philadelphia.  With his years of experience as a prosecutor, he has seen it all yet approaches each case with an eye toward justice.  One important takeaway for those at the meeting was a common misconception that juvenile arrest records are automatically expunged when the individual reaches maturity.  This is not an automatic process.  A petition must be filed.  It’s important because those records can hold a young person back from getting a student loan or even enlisting in the military.

Latasha Myers spoke on Turning Points for Children and the need for foster parents.

Leon Brantley spoke on Cyrus Bushnell (1700s) and Sister Sara Congo (1800s) and the movement to formulate historic and patriotic clubs in schools and churches.

Elizabeth Nicholas, community organizer for spoke about the new and growing online community for neighborhoods.

Brett Hart from the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory, at the Globe Dye Works, introduced himself and described their program for youth.

Jason Dawkins, candidate for the state assembly for the 179th legislative district gave a campaign talk at the end of the meeting.  His opponent for the seat, James Clay, was not present.

The next meeting of the Northeast EPIC Stakeholders will be held n April 24th at 5:39 PM at the Second Baptist Church at 1801 Meadow Street.