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March PSA1 Meeting

Captain John McCloskey lead the PSA1 meeting on March 27th at Aria Hospital with 12 residents attending.

The club at 4721 Oxford applied for a special assembly license to operate at that location which he rejected due to the prior record of use of the property.  Drugs, guns and disorderly crowds have been found at the, as yet unlicensed, venue.  The owner has been renting the property for parties nonetheless and the police have been forced to close them down.

The murder of 31 year old Shareef Young in the early morning on the 1600 block of Foulkrod Street was a drug related crime.  Young was not a resident of Frankford.

Discussion of the drug problems on the 4700 block of Griscom indicates there there has been gradual progress over time.  The dealers remaining go back and forth from that block up to the 4700 block of Penn trying to avoid the police who are very familiar with them.

The movement to spit the 15th district into two is viewed by Captain McCloskey as not necessarily a positive move.  The real need is more police in the district which will allow him to put resources where they are most needed.

If you get a robo call that claims it is from the police to alert you to potential burglaries in your area, it is legitimate.  They keep a a close eye on the crime states and implement that program as needed.  Nothing defeats burglars like alert neighbors.

The murder of two people discovered on a burning car on Trenton Avenue last month was caught on video at a local business and the perpetrator has been apprehended.

A apprehension of an individual being pursued for a failed robbery on the 4200 block of Oakland was caught on video as he dropped from the el structure to the ground below at Hunting Park Avenue.

You can find out more about what is happening and discuss your concerns at the next PSA1 meeting on April 24th at 7PM at Aria Hospital.