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15th District PSA1 meeting miscommunications the center of June Frankford Civic Association Meeting

At the Frankford Civic Association meeting held this past Thursday, discussion centered on the groups’ frustrations with the Police 15th District Public Service Area 1 (PSA1) meetings. Attendence included a representative from Democratic nominee for the 179th State House Jason Dawkins, and several residents of East Frankford. Although PSA meetings are meant to be a venue for the police and residents to engage and understand, Frankford Civic president Pete Specos says they’ve been unable to hold a meeting for a couple months and that there’s been limited communication with the 15th district Captain, John McCloskey.

20140610 Frankford Civic Meeting

Specos said he has been unable to get in touch with the captain or lieutenant of the 15th police district. Specos told the assembled, “at the last PSA meeting, no one showed up. The one before it, at 10 after 8, the lieutenant walks in when everyone is walking out.” Specos says he was told it was a miscommunication. “This is becoming disrespectful. Now at the PSAs, no one shows up, cause they know the police won’t show up.” Specos says he’s been trying to call for another meeting,”but it’s like pulling teeth”.

Several residents of East Frankford were at the civic to discuss police related matters. A resident that lives by the playground field at Harding High School. says he’s it’s being used by dirt bikes and ATVs. “It’s only going to get worse as we get further into the summer” he told the civic.

Another resident said that he’s seen biker gang patches at Timmy’s Place. Residents also would like the police to put a camera at Worth and Orthodox.

Specos says the community has been damaged because residents now won’t go to a PSA meeting because they don’t think the police will show up.

Specos said the next PSA 1 meeting is scheduled for June 26th at 7 pm at Frankford Aria Hospital, however, on the 15th District website, the meeting is shown as being held on June 19th at 7 pm.


The next civic association meeting is being pushed back a week from it’s regular schedule because of the July 4th holiday. The Frankford Civic Association will meet on the 2nd floor at Aria Frankford Hospital at 7 pm onThursday July 10th.