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The Frankford Pause

The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program is working with the Turning Points for Children Community Umbrella Agency to create a mural along Frankford Avenue near SEPTA’s Margaret Orthodox El stop.  The subject matter of the mural is the Frankford Pause and the artist, Cesar Viveros, is looking for additional input for this public space that will reflect what “pause” means to the community.  In the middle of our busy lives we need to pause to take time to stop that allow us to keep moving forward.  Cesar wants to know what pause means to you.

Some comments from folks at the last block party at the Destination Frankford art gallery on Paul Street:

  • Being with my wife when I haven’t seen her for several hours
  • I listen to music , classical and jazz
  • In one word: clouds
  • Sharing friendship with the people …
  • Skateboarding
  • Bring beauty to the empty grass with music, a hard life needs beauty to feed the soul
  • Smell…
  • Dance 
  • Hip Hop 
  • Strength from God
  • Work out of the office

What is your moment of pause?  Please email to share what your moment of pause looks like.