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Shopping Center at the Arsenal No More

We had a controversy back in November with two developers trying to get the same ShopRite for their projects.  The Shopping Center at the Arsenal (Hankin Group) thought they had it locked up and then found they had signed with the Shoppes at Wissinoming (FC Development Group).  The bottom line was that ShopRite then decided to pass on both.  Meanwhile behind the scenes work was afoot to bring Dietz & Watson meat packing facility which had burned down in Delanco, New Jersey to the Arsenal.

That plan was successful and now the Hankin Group has sold most of the ground that would have been a shopping center to Dietz & Watson or the PIDC for other development.  So there will be no shopping at the Arsenal but who can complain about jobs.   No news yet on the status of the Shoppes at Wissinoming though.  With all the development on Aramingo Avenue South of Bridge Street who needs to go up into a more densely populated residential area.

Follow this link to an in depth story on how all this came about and kudos to Bobby Henon.