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Some Common Sense Words from Sonia

We, as citizens and taxpayers of the city, are opposed to having any drug rehabilitation or boarding homes in our neighborhood. There have been drug dealing, gang activities, unnecessary trafficking in the neighborhood and its only getting worse.

City Leaders, City Council, L&I, and Police have all been called numerous times to investigate the situation and nothing is being done. Our community would like it to stop, so that we can feel safe being out in the neighborhood.

Abandoned homes present a real problem in the neighborhood. We want to distinguish between homes that are simply vacant. Drugs affect more than those that abuse them. Drugs affect everyone that surrounds them. The community, as a whole, is affected by drug use in more ways than one. Drugs lead to other crimes, such as, prostitution, burglary, gang violence. This is an issue that needs to be dealt with because it affects the community as a whole.

Our own police officers see this as a major problem in our community and feel the influence of drugs need to be eliminated from our neighborhood. The community would be improved in many ways. Law enforcement needs to play its part in regulating the laws against drug trafficking .

Rehabilitation centers need better guidelines.  Check the state license.  Look whether the center has more tenants. Take extra precautions when funding facilities in the community as part of the community’s efforts to maintain or enhance a safe, pleasant quality of life.

Frankford Neighbors would like Eye’s and Ears for the 15th police district through patrols, community meetings and public outreach. We promote police and community relations, common sense vigilance, that a neighborhood that looks cared for: lights on, sidewalk swept, weeds pulled , involvement of town watch, block captains, signs , flags, banners, no litter, graffiti removed- deters crime

Sonia Pichalsky