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Frankford Civic Association November Meeting

Twenty -Five people on a November night in Frankford was a good turnout at the Frankford Civic Association meeting held on November 6th at Aria Hospital.  There was no zoning cases to discuss but there was a lot of business nonetheless.

  • Residents of Church Street noted that parking has become a problem when meetings are held at Turning Points for Children on Griscom Street.  There is a large parking lot there but people coming to the meetings end up parking on the street and taking up residents spots in front of their homes.
  • The Arsenal boat ramp is closed temporarily while the construction for the new Dietz and Watson plant is underway.  Read more at this NE Times  link.
  • Although the Northwood/Frankford Community Y is now free of debt, it has not been able to find funding to reopen the public part of the building to the public.  Local attorney, Frank Bennett, leases the mansion section of the property for his business.  The remaining area is a gymnasium and pool which could be an asset to the community.  However the pool could cost as much as 80 to 100,000 dollars a year to keep in operation.
  • Pete Specos, president of the Civic, reports that there has been some talk of reopening the Salvation Army facility on Frankford Avenue.
  • A resident of Griscom street reports hearing that the old wine and spirits store on Oxford Avenue has been sold and it will be used as a day care center.  There is no record of the sale on the city OPA site so far.
  • From the recent PSA meeting – The Frankford Deli was raided.  Over $300,000 in marijuana was seized.  Read more about it at the NE Times here.
  • A fire on the 1300 block of Foulkrod Street was caused by high school students who hang there during and after school.
  • Vice is continuing to keep the pressure on prostitutes and their customers in Frankford.

A special task force was formed by several members to work on the issue of security cameras.  That group will meet biweekly and report back to the Civic.  The purpose is to make business owners aware of the Commerce Department’s program that subsidizes installation of security cameras for businesses.  Read more about that at this link.  Anyone who has security cameras installed is encouraged to register them with the police.  You can find more about that program at this link.  Recent events have shown  how these cameras can save lives.  Many experts also believe their very presence acts a deterrent to crime.

The next meeting of the Frankford Civic Association will be held on Thursday, December 4th at 7PM at Aria Hospital.