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November Crime Report

The Gazette crime report is back.  It has been a few years since we have done this.  We yielded to the big media thinking they could do a better job and they do for about 15 minutes until something more interesting comes along.  This month is just a raw count of what happened in PSA1 which is the part of the 15th district below Bridge Street and down to the Frankford Creek. It runs from the Boulevard to the river so it includes Bridesburg as well.  Next month we’ll provide some comparison and context.  PSA1 meeting is this Thursday (12/18)  at 7PM at Aria hospital.  If you want to hear about crime, stop by.

Aggravated Assaults with firearm – 5

Aggravated Assaults no firearm – 31

Burglary – 36

Motor Vehicle Theft – 12

Motor Vehicle Theft Recovered – 21

Robbery with firearm – 11

Robbery no firearm – 14

Theft from Vehicle – 21

Theft – 51

Rape – 4

Shootings – at least 2