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December Crime Report for PSA 1

Good News Burglary Down – Bad News is Armed Robbery is UP UP UP

PSA 1 is South of Bridge Street, East of the Boulevard and North of Frankford Creek and all the way to the Delaware River.

Although the police left us lonely at the December PSA meeting, they must have been out tracking down the burglars.  Burglary dropped to a total of 18 in December from 36 in November.   There were no homicides at all.  The chart below is a summary comparing December of this year with last year.

December 2013 2014
Aggravated Assault Firearm 2 5
Aggravated Assault No Firearm 19 17
Burglary Non Residential 7 4
Burglary Residential 28 14
Homicide 0 0
Motor Vehicle Recovery 23 26
Motor Vehicle Theft 9 13
Rape 5 7
Robbery Firearm 12 22
Robbery no Firearm 10 6
Theft 40 49
Theft from Vehicle 39 21
194 184

There has already been media coverage of the armed individuals who are targeting people getting off the El at the Transportation Center.  That is reflected in the 22 robberies by firearm showing for December.  It always interesting to me that more stolen cars are recovered in this area than are stolen.  This link will take you to a pdf file where the entire report with details is available.  Let me know what you think.