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Homicide in Frankford in 2014 Increased by 50 Percent

No, it was not a good year.

There were too many shootings and too many deaths.  At the same time, unless there was a truly innocent victim involved, there was very little outcry from our residents.  The result is that in 2013 there were 8 criminal homicides in Frankford and in 2014 there were 12 (50% increase).

It will remain this way until we decide that it has to end.  There is no reason why we have to put up with it.  There is no reason why kids have to be afraid to play outside.  There is no reason why murder is acceptable.  No murder, not even that guy who has been foolish enough to take the road of selling drugs.

The next time you hear that there has been another killing in Frankford, what are you going to do?

I’ll make it easy.  When that happens, there will be an invitation on this page.  Accept the invitation and you can start ending the killing.