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Frankford NAC Approves Two Variances

The Frankford NAC had a full program on Thursday, January 8th with 5 cases to review.

Labcorp has applied for a variance to open a new facility at 5349 Oxford Avenue.  It will be open to the public for blood testing and other specimens as needed.  No medical services will be provided.  There were some questions about why the applicant did not appear at the Northwood Civic given that the address is in Northwood.  The applicant explained that the zoning board provides specific instructions about what they must do including which community organization it must make a presentation to.  There was only one member of the community in the area of the facility present who was eligible to vote and that vote was to allow the variance.

Mr. Vo the owner of 1728 Orthodox Street appeared seeking a variance: PERMIT FOR THE ERECTION OF AN 18′-0″ HIGH DETACHED STRUCTURE FOR USE AS EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS STORAGE. SIZE AND LOCATION AS SHOWN IN APPLICATION.  There were 3 community members attending who were eligible to vote and all three opposed the variance.

Mr. Chen, owner of of 2051 Larue Street is seeking a variance for: SPECIAL EXCEPTION FOR HOME BUSINESS, CONVERT RESIDENTIAL BASEMENT FOR USE AS A FACIAL SPA. IN AN EXISTING ATTACHED SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING STRUCTURE.  There was no community opposition but the zoning notice was only posted for two days on the property.  The NAC will ask for a continuance however it may not be granted since this has already been continued at the limit allowed.

The owner of 1541 Ruan is seeking a variance for: PERMIT FOR LEGALIZED USE AS TWO FAMILY HOUSEHOLD LIVING.  He made a good case for the change improving the neighborhood and he had signatures of residents plus some attending to vote.  The vote was in favor.

The applicant for the property on Worrell Street did not appear so no vote was taken.

The next meeting of the Frankford NAC will be held on February 12th at 7PM at 2nd Baptist Church at 1810 Meadow Street.