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Notice of an Intent to Remediate to an Environmental Standard

Notice of an Intent

to Remediate to an Environmental Standard.

(Sections 302(e)(1)(ii), 303(h)(1)(ii),

304(n)(1)(i), and 305(c)(1))

Pursuant to the Land Recycling and Environmental Remediation Standards Act, the act of May 19, 1995, P.L. 4, No. 1995-2, notice is hereby given that Frankford Friends School has submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection a Notice of Intent to Remediate a site located at 1515 Orthodox Street. This Notice of Intent to Remediate states that the site was used as a church for nearly 116 years until demolished due to deteriorating condition. The owner of the property, Frankford Friends School, intends to use the site as an outdoor classroom that will include an urban garden using above-ground planting beds, along with a meadow, ornamental plants, shrubs, and trees. Site assessment have indicated that the surface soils contained benzo(a)pyrene and dibenz(a,h)anthracene at concentrations in excess of the Residential Statewide Health Standards. A Remedial Investigation Report/Risk Assessment Report has been submitted to PADEP that demonstrates attainment of the site-specific standard. The results of the assessment also indicate that no further controls, such as remediation or mitigation measures, are required.

The Act provides for a 30-day public comment period for site-specific standard remediations. The 30-day comment period is initiated with the publication of this notice. During this period, the City of Philadelphia may submit a request to Philadelphia Parks and Recreation to be involved in the development of the remediation and reuse plans for the site. The City of Philadelphia may also submit a request to Frankford Friends School during this 30-day comment period to develop and implement a public involvement plan. Copies of these requests and of any comments should also be submitted to the Department of Environmental Protection at 2 East Main Street, Norristown, PA 19404.