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Burn Awareness Week

From Aria Health

Accidentally touch your curling iron or grab a hot pan in the kitchen? February 2 – 8 marks Burn Awareness Week, a perfect time to educate ourselves and our families about burn awareness and prevention.

 Infections are a serious concern during the healing process, to help your readers recognize when a burn that may require professional medical attention, Lisa Tucciarone, a nurse practitioner from Aria Health FastCare, has compiled some sample tips to know when it’s time to visit the doctor:

Location, location, location

Is the burn on your face, hand, foot or a major joint? These active areas of your body should be treated with care and looked at by a medical professional. Also, burns that cover a large body surface area and any burns on a child need to be evaluated.

 Serious sources

What was the source of the burn? Burns caused by electrical or chemical agents should always be treated and looked at by a doctor.

 Persistent symptoms

Although some burns will heal over time without professional treatment, it is always important to monitor the burn and the victim’s symptoms in the weeks following the accident. Be sure to consult your doctor if you or a loved one experience any pain or swelling around the burned area or if the burn isn’t healing over time.

Treatments for minor burns are available at both Aria Health FastCare locations in Northeast Philadelphia or Levittown, PA with no appointment necessary. Aria introduced its FastCare clinics in 2013 to offer members of the community convenient, walk-in access to non-emergent healthcare services without the wait.