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January Crime Report

Crime, overall, was down again in January.

Of course if you are a victim, that is a different story.  There were 184 incidents reported in December and 163 in January.  That is about an 11% decline.

There were 12 aggravated assaults.  4 of those came from 2 incidents.  One on Penn Street and the other on Adams Avenue.

We use data from Open Data Philly which come directly from the Police Department.  I noticed this month that the number of homicides did not add up.  Captain McCloskey mentioned at the PSA meeting in January that those two incidents resulted in multiple fatalities.  It looks like they were initially classified as aggravated assaults but then the victim died at a later time.  The bottom line is homicides are higher than reported and aggravated assaults are lower.

If you would like to see Captain McCloskey in person, along with Tom Nestel, chief of SEPTA police, they are scheduled to attend the Frankford Civic Association meeting Thursday, February 5th at 7PM at St. Mark’s church (4442 Frankford Avenue).

Meanwhile, the crime summary is below.  This is a link to a pdf file where the details for January are available.

Dec-13 Dec-14 Jan-15
Aggravated Assault Firearm 2 5 12
Aggravated Assault No Firearm 19 17 11
Burglary Non Residential 7 4 5
Burglary Residential 28 14 15
Homicide 0 0 1
Motor Vehicle Recovery 23 26 15
Motor Vehicle Theft 9 13 16
Rape 5 7 4
Robbery Firearm 12 22 12
Robbery no Firearm 10 6 17
Theft 40 49 36
Theft from Vehicle 39 21 19
Total 194 184 163