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Frankford NAC Election Candidates

These folks will be on the ballot for election to the Frankford Neighborhood Advisory Sub Committee (these people act as an advisory sub committee to the board) to be held on April 7th.

  • Hakim Mubarak- I am from Frankford section of Philadelphia, where I have resided for 20 plus years of my life. I have a Bachelors Degree of Science in Clinical Psychology with a minor of Sociology. For the past year plus, I have had the pleasure of working for the most honorable City Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez, of the 7th district. I also utilize my degree by working as a Mental Health Technician at Friends Hospital. I am highly enthusiastic about being in any position to help families, friends, neighbors, and citizens of Frankford.
  • Charlene Lewis- was born and raised in Frankford where she continues to reside with her two sons, Avery and Chamere. Ms. Lewis is employed by Turning Points for Children and Strengthening Families as a Family Coordinator. She is an actor member of NAS. I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. I attend Second Baptist Church and I am a foster mother. I am dedicated to the betterment of Frankford.
  • Phillip Robinson- I am a lifelong resident of Frankford. I am a committee person for the 23rd Ward 17th Division. I am a block captain and former vice president of the Frankford Plan.
  • Nafisah Lewis- I lived in Frankford for over 25 years and I am a pillar of the community. I am involved with the Frankford Community Development Corporation and the Frankford Business and Professional Association. I work for EPIC (Equal Partners in Charge) stakeholders group. I am involved with the Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) during the summer. I look forward to helping be a part of the change coming to our neighborhood.
  • Maria Goldston- I lived and worked in the community of Frankford for over 40 years. I am a college graduate and I am involved in many different organizations in the Frankford area. I am a community activist and am involved with my community.
  • Maineva White: Maineva White grew up in Frankford, raised her children in Frankford and maintains her residency in the Frankford community. She grew up in Frankford from the 1970’s to present, attending the neighborhood schools which include Smedley Elementary which is known as Mastery Charter Smedley Elementary School, Warren G. Harding Junior High School and graduated in the 1980’s at Frankford High School. In her youth, Maineva participated in the pop Warner league as a cheerleader for the Frankford Chargers. Ms. White has been employed with the City 1997 beginning her career with the Philadelphia Police Department in the 15th District working as a School Crossing Guard in Frankford with a post at Paul and Unity Street. While in her role, she worked for the Department of Recreation during the summer months at Gambrel Recreation Center as a supervisor to the summer camp counselors. Maineva promoted within the Police Department in 2001 working as a Police Communications Dispatcher until 2008 when she was promoted to supervisor of Philadelphia’s 311 Contact Center. Outside of work, Maineva lends her time to organizations such as The Salvation Army, Second Alarmers, and The Order of the Eastern Star. Ms. White is not just a resident living in the City of Philadelphia, she is a civil servant of the City and our neighbor.
  • Steven P. Blackburn – Steven P. Blackburn has over 30 years of professional and volunteer experience in Human Services serving a variety of populations including youth, seniors, families and offenders through direct service and administration. He is currently the Assistant Director of Community Services for Carson Valley Children’s Aid. In this capacity, he is responsible for oversight of programs including youth prevention programs, after school and summer enrichment programs, Parenting education programs, and HUD Transitional Housing Programs. He earned graduate and undergraduate degrees in Social Work from Temple University. He has served on the Board of Directors of many programs and agencies. He currently serves as Co-founder and President of X-Offenders for Community Empowerment, President of the Frankford Neighborhood Advisory Committee, Treasurer of Renaissance Community Development Corporation, Vice Chairman – Sankofa Freedom Academy Board of Trustees. He is a former member of the Temple University Act 101 Program Advisory Board, Frankford Community Development Corporation, New Frankford Community Y Board of Directors, and SPIN-Frankford Early Head Start Health Services Advisory Committee. He is also a former Board member of The Pennsylvania Prison Society and People United Together.
  • James P. Stanton— James P. Stanton As Director of Communication & Community Relations for American Paradigm Schools, Stanton develops, maintains and promotes the public face of the organization and the schools managed by APS. Stanton is responsible for each school brand and leads a team to create and position a positive standard. “Each school has its own personality, but is a part of the bigger puzzle that is American Paradigm,” remarks Stanton, a longtime teacher.  In fact, Stanton first entered the classroom in 1977 where he taught grades five and six for thirteen years in several Philadelphia Catholic schools. He has leadership experience as a headmaster of a private institution and learned how to adapt and be flexible—traits necessary in his current role—through several years of substitute teaching in the Philadelphia School District.   Stanton, who attended the graduate program in Elementary Education at Chestnut Hill College, is an ever-present, positive force at APS, as comfortable in the classroom communicating with students as he is giving tours and explaining the mission to the press. Stanton earned a BA in Theatre and Speech from DeSales University in 1973 and his Pennsylvania Teacher’s Certification in Elementary Education in 1976 from Chestnut Hill College.The results of the election will be announced in April at the Frankford CDC’s annual community meeting.  The date and time of the meeting will be announced when it becomes available.