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Frankford Civic Association May Meeting

The Frankford Civic Association met on May 7th at St. Mark’s Church with about 20 residents attending.

Jim Kennedy, for Representative Brendan Boyle gave a brief update on what the Representative is working on now  There is a now office opening up in Olney in May that may be convenient for Frankford residents to use.  The address is 5675 N Front Street.  The existing office at 2375 Woodward Street in the Northeast will continue service.

Joe Hohenstein, for Frankford Friends School, gave the group an update on the planned outdoor classroom soon to be under construction across from the school.

Veronica Daniel updated the group on the issue of the construction of a building on the SEPTA property at Pratt Street and Frankford Avenue.  She attended a meeting between the Frankford CDC and SEPTA with the purpose of discussing redesign of the building for retail space since the Holiday Thriftway will not be able to continue at their present location.  The CDC had hoped that sufficient space might be available on the SEPTA property to attract another supermarket chain.  SEPTA at first seemed uncooperative but subsequent discussions indicated that they would make another space available.

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A resident complained about the state of the work ongoing at Harding Middle School.  A scaffold has been up for over a year and progress if any has been slow.  In addition, the grass on the property appears to be uncut and the property in general brings down the neighborhood.  Pete Specos will send a letter to the principal about the issue with a request that someone come to the next civic meeting to explain what is going on.

Darrion Shuford, Chief of Staff for Representative Jason Dawkins, spoke on the value of community engagement as a valuable tool in solving problems.  When people come together for a common purpose, things get done.

The next meeting of the Frankford Civic Association will be held on June 4th at 7PM at St. Mark’s Church at 4442 Frankford Avenue.